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Irina Shmidt's ceramics
The Story of Three
Ten years ago my dream to sit down for a potter's wheel reached the state of a conscious goal. A workshop in the village of artists — in Shuvalovo near St. Petersburg — became my third home, and Vera Noskova and Alexander Gladky — patient and beloved teachers.

I do not want to sculpt by my hands. Hands can do anything, but there is no moment of resistance and harmony. My love is a potter's wheel. Behind the wheel — each time the Story of Three: capricious, but obedient clay, spinning wheel and me. It's fighting and meditation at the same time.

Unlike everyday work, I believe that in ceramics the form prevails over the content. It's not so important what color is and what the object is for. Process, form and texture — that's what's important.

What I do is not art. This is a craft that brings me pleasure. And I want to share the results — so that they will bring benefit and joy.

p.s. ceramics retain heat. and even sounds. after firing, every thing will sing for a long time at your house. maybe because it was spinning with jazz.

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